Digitex Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Digitex is a commission-free, trustless futures exchange where customers can trade their digital currency. The platform covers operational prices by creating its very own currency called the DGTX token – not by charging transaction fees on trades. Dealers are expected to be attracted to the Digitex platform for its commission-free trades, thereby causing the cost of DGTX tokens to rise. check Digitex review

Digitex also aims to replace centralized account balances with an independent, decentralized contract on the Ethereum blockchain. That smart contract holds all account balances. This creates Digitex a hybrid decentralized/centralized Trade: the market has a centralized matching engine combined with decentralized account balances.

Watch the DIGITEX Futures Exchange in action

Digitex Futures Trade Provides futures in BitCoin, Ethereum and Also Litecoin Contrary to the US dollar. Dealers get to sell and buy orders immediately with only one click onto an intuitive ladder trading interface that shows live bids and offers moving down and up on a central cost column. Here is digitex ico review.

How Does Digitex Work?

Cryptocurrency futures allows dealers to predict the future cost of a cryptocurrency. Dealers can sell or buy choices based on where they believe the cost will be at a certain point in the future. Bitcoin futures emerged on traditional futures markets in late 2017. Today, cryptocurrency futures trades are hiking across the internet.

Traditionally, futures trading involves trading on the cost of crops – like soybeans – or commodities – like gold. With Digitex, customers can trade cryptocurrency futures. They can trade on cost without the high prices and risks of storing, paying, and transferring in full for the actual underlying instrument on which they are trading.


The main selling specialties of Digitex is that its transaction fees are less. Digitex has made an Ethereum-based token called the DGTX token. That token is utilized as the native currency of the market, which means all losses, profits, account balances, and margins are denominated in DGTX tokens.

Dealers must own DGTX tokens to join in the commission-free, trustless market on Digitex. This creates demand for DGTX tokens for dealers, thereby increasing the cost of DGTX tokens to rise and allowing Digitex to neglect charging fees: all the market requires to do is release and sell a small number of DGTX tokens yearly.


How Do Digitex Tokens Work?

The DGTX token is an ERC-223 which is a digital token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The “Digitex Protocol Token” allows their customers to buy or sell futures contracts in the market. In order to buy or sell futures contracts, you actually need a margin balance of DGTX which is sufficient enough to cover your potential losses. That is because the tick value of every Digitex futures contract is 1 DGTX token, which means all profits and losses are denominated in DGTX tokens. check Digitex ico review

Dealers need to possess a constructive harmony of DGTX tokens inside their own trading accounts to directly set trades over the Digitex Futures trade. This produces the requirement for DGTX from dealers that are brought to commission-free stocks markets. As trading volumes and liquidity increase on the Digitex futures exchange, the demand for DGTX by dealers will also increase.The tick value of each Digitex futures exchange is one DGTX token.

Digitex will create their new DGTX tokens approximately every 2 years. It is the creation of such tokens that will allow the exchange to operate without the need of any transaction fees. During the initial token sale, 1 billion DGTX tokens will be made. No new tokens will be made for the first 2 years after launch. Of the total supply, 700 million (70%) is distributed during the token sale at a price of $0.01 per DGTX token; 200 million (20%) is reserved for Digitex market creators, and 100 million (10%) is reserved for the team.

The initial supply of DGTX is 1,000,000,000 (one billion) DGTX tokens which is distributed as follows:

DGTX Token Sale – 700M DGTX

700,000,000 (700M) DGTX Assets will probably undoubtedly be sold at the DGTX Token Sale. Buyers can swap ETH to get DGTX tokens at an equal price tag of 83000 £0.01 each DGTX nominal — a challenging cover of the max of £7M which will be increased.

Digitex Market Makers: 200M DGTX

Digitex marketplace manufacturers are automatic investing bots designed to crack. Their exceptionally busy trading plan and huge buying and selling bank may help make liquid stocks markets which have restricted bidding and extend spreads yet in unstable market states.

Team (current and future): 100M

These tokens will be vested until one year past the first revenue generation token creation event, ensuring the team has strong incentives to create a stable, self-perpetuating business model that provides ongoing and consistent demand for DGTX.

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